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  • Colorful bridge at Brillux Headquarters

Bridge connecting the Brillux production site and the B-Wohnen guest house. Long-lasting connection for all weather conditions

Colorful like a rainbow, yet resistant to whatever the weather brings: The bridge at the Brillux Headquarters in Münster is a real eye-catcher in terms of form and colors and also stands for protection from external influences thanks to high-quality Brillux industrial coatings. As part of the on-site seminars run by the Brillux Academy, participants are put in the B-Wohnen guest house for the length of their training program – they use the pedestrian overpass to move from the production site to their temporary accommodation.

Special coating to attract attention

The striking overpass is already affectionately known as the colorful bridge within Münster. The arch-formed connection between the Brillux production site and the B-Wohnen guest house is adorned by 39 panels in various color shades. However, as attractive as the design is, the coating of building components represents the real value of the pedestrian overpass. To ensure that the bridge still gives off the same charm after many years, high-quality, long-lasting industrial coatings from Brillux were used in the substructures and sheet-metal cladding.


The bridge is fundamental to the campus mindset

The idea to connect B-Wohnen directly with the Brillux site on the other side of the road arose out of a necessity. Brillux set out to create an option for seminar participants of the Brillux Academy to spend the night in the immediate vicinity. However, any noise arising from checking in and out of the back of the guest house should be avoided as a way to protect residents. Visitor parking was created on the same side of the busy road as the Brillux production site. A constant interruption to the flow of traffic on Weseler Str due to the guests crossing at the existing traffic lights should also be avoided and a tunnel would not feasible due to main pipes that run underground in the area.

In light of this, an engineering and architectural competition was started in a combined process. The necessary bridge should contribute to a positive first impression of Münster along one of the main entry routes, be both functional and safe and meet the requirements of modern bridge building. A planning committee consisting of representatives from the city of Münster as well as the Brillux managing directors decided together which proposals should be realized. Also due to the resource-saving form of the bridge that was also adapted to the municipal circumstances, the joint proposal from Vervoorts & Schindler Architekten from Bochum and g+w ingenieurplanung from Münster were awarded the contract. Today, the pedestrian overpass is a key part of the Brillux campus mindset, the connecting joint between working, learning and now also living with 60 guest rooms and apartments as well as generous common rooms and a large games area.

The bridge with 20 differing color nuances spans a distance of approx. 40 meters and leads on both sides to a space on the first upper story. The load-bearing elements are two independent steel structures that act as both a walkway and a ceiling and were created in a box-type construction with a tapered form. For optimal protection both against serious weathering conditions, a prime coat of Brillux 2K-EP Zinc Powder Paint 5707 was applied to blast cleaned steel surfaces to SA 2½ standard. For the top coat, 2K-PUR Acrylic Paint 5741 in gray was used. Both components were applied by means of the wet coating process.

Special pretreatment for increased longevity

The special stamp on the aluminum cladding elegantly reflects the underlying tapered structure of the bridge elements. With a subtle metallic gray shade, the sheet cladding confidently leaves the spotlight to the colored glazing. Still, it is the sheet cladding that gives the bridge its longevity. From the very beginning, the planners relied on the highest quality coatings according to state-of-the-art market standards – in addition, they categorized the bridge as an inaccessible component for maintenance coatings. To meet the quality standards across the whole size, the high-quality Brillux Premium Polyester Powder 5932 was used. Thanks to its proven coating expertise and available application capacities, COATINQ Castrop-Rauxel GmbH was awarded the contract. In total, the company – which is part of the ZINQ Group – coated 325 aluminum sheets, 40 substructures and 40 gutters.

The pretreatment consisted of eight steps: After chemical degreasing, pickling of the 1.80 x 2 meter large sheets followed, before four rinses of the components, chrome (Vi)-free passivation and oven drying. Upon the finish, the powder coating operator applied Premium Polyester Powder 5932 in the color shade DB 702 in silk matt. The sheet metal cladding was delivered to Münster as individual components, where all parts were pre-assembled in their entirety and the bridge was lifted into place within just one day.

Durch die aufwendige Vormontage auf dem Brillux Werksgelände erfolgte der Einbau der Brücke an nur einem Tag.

The highly weather-resistant specifications significantly extended the lifespan of the subtle surface finish

Michael Spaan, Plant Manager at ColorZINQ®

<p>Michael Spaan, Plant Manager at ColorZINQ®</p>

A lifespan that is three to five times longer than conventional industrial coatings

“The highly weather-resistant specifications significantly extended the lifespan of the subtle surface look,” emphasized Michael Spaan, Plant Manager at ColorZINQ® for the Castrop-Rauxel company. “Indeed it is approximately three to five times longer than conventional industrial coatings tested for exterior use.” This is another reason why the joint approach to coating the bridge elements between the processor and Brillux turned out to be groundbreaking for further cooperation. Today, Brillux is the main supplier of industrial coatings in his company, says Spaan: “Through the project, we have found a competent ally with which we are building a long-term partnership.”

Project data

Project data

Bridge to the Brillux B-Wohnen guest house.

Owner/builder: Brillux GmbH & Co. KG
Built in: 2018–2019
Bridge construction: Lamparter GmbH & Co. KG, Kassel
Involved architects: Vervoorts & Schindler Architekten BDA, Bochum, g+w ingenieurplanung, Münster
Executing operators: COATINQ Castrop-Rauxel GmbH, a company of ZINQ Gruppe; Staff painters from Brillux GmbH & Co. KG

All facts at a glance

Length: 40 meters
Clearance height: Federal highway 5.20 meters, plant access road 4.80 meters
Total weight: 120 tons
Number of discs: 39 (each approx. 600 kilograms)