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  • Medical technology

Functional and decorative Hygienic surface protection in medical technology

Especially, surfaces and articles of daily use in hospitals, medical practices, etc. are exposed to constant and extreme mechanical and chemical stress. From the start, the highest degree of care is needed both in the manufacture of products and in cleaning processes during the product’s lifetime of use.

“Jointlessness” thus becomes an essential criterion, as joints, tears and damages within a contiguous surface quickly become a sources of danger in hygienically sensitive areas as germs and bacteria can gather and reproduce there.

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  • Coating of medical equipment at the powder coatings company HOT Pulverbeschichtung

Aside from low wear, the coatings should offer clean surfaces and a low tendency to soil or be easy to clean. This leads to a reduced use of cleaning products. Light stability is also important due to the increased integration of high amounts of daylight in healthcare facilities.


Our specially developed Steriface powder coatings are very resistant to disinfectants and can be thermally sterilized, making them the optimal solution for medical analysis devices, chairs and treatment devices, hospital beds, surgery wall systems, surgery utensils or medical furniture such as instrument cabinets. 

The Steriface powder coatings have good antimicrobial efficacy against numerous bacterial strains and fungus mixtures. As an antiseptic coating, they can reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on metal surfaces, such as on furniture, doors, door handles and door frames.

What makes it special is that the antimicrobial impact is based on silver ions and therefore of a natural origin. The ions damage microbes such as bacteria and fungi by hindering certain enzymes. The damaged microbes can no longer reproduce and they die.

The tiny microscopic silver ions are harmless for the human organism. They are incorporated in the powder coating and cannot erode from the surface. As opposed to disinfection with conventional disinfectant and cleaning products with mostly short effects, Steriface powder coatings offer permanently effective protection from bacteria and fungi.

Our coating systems satisfy the requirements of performance and aesthetics.

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