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  • Commercial vehicles

Coatings for commercial vehicles Long-lasting despite extreme stress

Commercial vehicles are exposed to extreme burdens so that their coatings need very good stone impact resistance and excellent corrosion protection. In addition, functions such as good adhesion of sealants and structural adhesives and a high resistance to chemicals is essential. 

When it comes to resistance to chemical and mechanical stress, to broadly tested UV transmission and a range of coatable substrates (such as steel and aluminum), then you don’t need to take any compromises with our products.

With the powder coatings and wet coatings that can also be applied to CDP prime coats, permanent colors and long-lasting gloss are guaranteed, just as the very good adhesion and bonding.

Our coatings extend the lifespan of these vehicles and components, among others:

  • Chassis 
  • Truck trailers 
  • Semi-trailers 
  • Underride guards 
  • Lighting racks 
  • Rear truck doors 
  • Trailer stanchions 
  • Supports/jacks 
  • Interchangeable flatbeds, refrigerated boxes  
  • Tipping vehicles 
  • Forklifts, industrial trucks  
  • Ambulances, vehicles from emergency services 
  • Municipal vehicles such as street sweepers, cleaners, etc. 

Coil coating upon request

Are you interested in coil coatings?
Then simply get in touch via e-mail or telephone. We are happy to advise!

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Brüggen GmbH is an expert partner of Krone, one of the most important manufacturers of truck trailers and semi-trailers.