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  • Foundry products

Coating of foundry products Even a cast product needs protection.

Coatings for foundry products

No country in Europe produces as many cast products as Germany. This industry is one of the most important suppliers for the vehicle, machinery and plant construction sectors. These are often high-tech products – and for their production, a perfect coating is needed that meets all demands.  

Especially for motors and gearboxes made of cast, zinc, steel and aluminum, there are strict requirements relating to corrosion protection, but also (hot) oil resistance and flow characteristics. Moreover, fast drying and curing are essential so that the products can be further processed and transported quickly. In addition, the machinability, i.e. the mechanical processing of the coated component, needs to be secured.

Product storage
  • Conveyor line in a foundry
  • Dipping basin
  • Wet coating
  • Transmission gear wheel
  • Alternator

The Brillux Industrial Coatings products can be applied using the immersion method and dry particularly quickly. They deliver stable film thicknesses, can be coated over quickly and have a very high yield.

With them, products from the iron foundry such as casings, machine components, vehicle components, motors, gearboxes and fans can be optimally coated and prepared for their use – without foundries, there would be no cars, no trains and hardly any commercial vehicles.



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