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  • Building industry

Coatings for sustainable architecture High performance for modern design requirements

  • Metal-clad facade and railing

Surface finishing on architecture must offer maximum weather resistance, a wide range of different degrees of gloss, a variety of color shades and stability, as well as effective corrosion protection – and must also meet demands on function and appearance.

In addition to the design and structure, colors and effects that can set the scene effectively on buildings are particularly important. They are often what bring surfaces to life and add that special touch.


Particularly outdoors, it is important that the processed products not only look good, but are also durable in terms of color shade, gloss, scratch-resistance and wear resistance.

The high performance products have good UV resistance and are resilient to weathering influences and corrosion. Special pigmentations, e.g. thermal reflecting or anti-graffiti and anti-dirt pick-up are possible.

Our coatings comply with all important architectural quality standards, including Qualicoat classes 1 and 2 as well as GSB Florida 1 and 3 (powder coatings).

  • Cladded facade
  • Roof treads
  • Coated awnings as part of the color concept
  • Conservatories

The broad product range offers both protection and design options and is impressive due to the various textures and optimal quality and aesthetics.

All systems are coordinated and provide a full range for facades, construction and cladding, window frames, conservatories, awnings or rolling shutters, fences, railings and handrails, garage doors, verandas, glasshouses and roof elements such as steps, ladders and roofing slabs,

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Coil coating upon request

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Doors, gates, frames

Especially outdoors, but indoors too, components such as doors, gates and frames have high demands on UV resistance, durability and corrosion protection. In addition, very good adhesion to diverse substrates and materials such as bright steel, Sendzimir galvanized steel or aluminum is essential.

As the range of use cases are so varied, we have developed powder coating and wet coating solutions that are harmonious, giving you an application-specific coating system for your needs.

The coatings are not only robust, scratch and abrasion-resistant, but also make an excellent visual impression. They can be recoated quickly and are easy to handle.

Furthermore, the coordinated systems (powder coating, wet coating, coil coating) can be applied in many ways; and in the wet coatings field, they can consist of several layers. Our products are perfectly suited for the following applications:

  • Doors, gates, frames 
  • Fences and security systems 
  • (House) doors 
  • Garage doors 
  • Industrial gates 
  • Storage room systems 
  • Garden sheds 

Coil coating upon request

Are you interested in coil coatings?
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Corporate architecture

Industrial coatings for shop fittings and design

A corporate identity-compliant business is the hallmark of any trading or services company. Perfectly coordinated components such as building and coating materials combine for a harmonious overall impression of the brand – whether it is a flagship store, a shop, department store, large supermarket or small grocery store.

From smooth to coarse and fine: our coatings for business rooms, companies and exhibitions provide numerous opportunities for surface finishing on all metallic substrates indoors and outdoors (aluminum, steel, galvanized steel). This way we support your customers’ ideas in terms of corporate architecture.

We offer everything so that you can uniformly design your color concept with precisely coordinated color shades – and we can do so across powder coatings, wet coatings and coil coatings.

The full Brillux range includes products for all metallic surfaces for these uses: 

  • Facades 
  • Facade fittings (windows, doors, gates, sun protection, etc.) 
  • Lighting 
  • Furniture (chairs, cupboards, cabinets, etc.)
  • Shop fittings (shelving, merchandising fixtures, etc.) 
  • Ceiling cladding 

We are your partner – whether you have big wishes or need small quantities! 

Construction industry and public spaces

A wide range of different materials are used in the construction industry – great that there is a wide range of different coating solutions.

Not only is an exceptionally long-lasting durability needed, but also permanent corrosion protection, especially when the objects are exposed to factors such as extreme humidity, proximity to the ocean or heavy air pollution.

As well as weathering resistance, the coated components should still look good. This way, formwork and shoring systems, noise barrier walls, bridge, room and roofing systems (e.g. bus shelters, bike lock-up shelters, municipal buildings) are not just coated in a durable and robust manner, but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, our special anti-graffiti products also offer excellent resistance to aggressive graffiti removal, making them ideal for public spaces.  

Products in focus – powder coatings

Hydro-2C-PUR Paint 5860 (smooth, high gloss)

Highly weather-resistant two-component polyurethane coatings based on water, high gloss.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet



Coil coating upon request

Are you interested in coil coatings?
Then simply get in touch via e-mail or telephone. We are happy to advise!

Telephone: +49 2303 8805-0


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