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  • Container and tank construction

Container and tank construction Durable long-lasting coatings

Modern logistics and transport can no longer do without containers. These containers are not only ideal for delivering large quantities of goods safely and securely from A to B, they are also easy to stack. International standardized sizes play an important role here. Standard containers (ISO standard 668) are available in the typical sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet in length. They are usually made of steel or coated wood. As closed boxes, standard containers are ideal for general cargo and groupage goods, but are also suitable for individual larger goods such as machine parts.

Sea or room containers, gas cylinders and steel bottles, fire extinguishers, silos, pressure and heating vessels are exposed to ongoing major burdens – and the coating needs to withstand it.

To make sure the containers retain their appearance, a high quality solution should be chosen that fulfills the strictest requirements and resists various influences.


Our systems offer high corrosion resistance (for gas cylinders and containers also in two-layer build-up) and light resistance. In addition, they benefit from very tough surfaces and a wide range of color shades.

Brillux products are not only an efficient solution, but also economically sound.

Products in focus – powder coatings

Zinc Priming Powder EP 5815 (smooth, gloss)

Zinc primer with an epoxy base for maximum corrosion protection, for use on blast-cleaned…



Universal Polyester Powder 5940 (glossy)

universal-use, facade quality glossy respectively silk-gloss coating powder with GSB and…