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  • Shop fittings and shelving systems

High quality shop fittings and shelving systems A feast for your buys

Perfectly coordinated materials, paints and surfaces put shops in a good light and contribute to the company’s corporate identity. Regardless of the size and type of company – a flagship store, a supermarket or an upmarket boutique. Brillux Industrial Coatings open up a wide range of possibilities for finishing the surfaces of racks, furniture, lamps or signage.

Our very diverse, modern coating solutions offer a lively color palette, which tracks the latest trends. 


Perfect store design

Appealing business rooms that combine practical functionality and modern design are the hallmark of any trading or services company.

Perfectly coordinated materials combine for a harmonious overall impression of the brand – whether it is a flagship store, a shop, department store, large supermarket or small grocery store.

Special coating systems are optimized for ink adhesion for high-quality digital prints – or ideal further processing by means of screen printing.

Presentation space in a clothing store
Men’s outfitter
Presentation space for jewelry and glasses
Sports store
Fruit and vegetables section of a supermarket
Shelves full of jeans
Shelves and presentation spaces
Supermarket salad bar

From smooth to coarse and finely textured: Our individually adapted solutions provide numerous opportunities for surface finishing and support your ideas for corporate architecture. Even with premium fit-outs, the coatings guarantee good scratch resistance and can be easily and hygienically cleaned.

Heavy duty shelving coatings

Reliable coatings that resist temperature and humidity fluctuations while also preventing abrasion and corrosion are necessary – especially for storage racks, but also for transport systems and similar storage equipment. Together, we will identify the products that meet the tough requirements of UV resistance, form and function of the coatings that are under permanent stress. Special system products offer conductive properties, for example for racks that store electronic components ESD materials.
We offer the perfect solution for surfaces under constant stress, e.g. for these objects:

  • Sales shelves
  • Displays
  • Sales stands
  • Product carriers
  • Sales tables
  • Trolleys
  • Information and display systems
  • Furniture
  • (Heavy duty) racks

Electro-Static Discharge

Protecting sensitive components from uncontrolled discharge

Uncontrolled discharges (electrostatic discharge, ESD) can damage electronic components in manufacture and storage. To avoid damages from discharge, protective zones are setup in industrial buildings, warehouses or shops. An effective and economical option is to apply a special coating with excellent conductivity. 

Be it for coating furniture at ESD workstations, machines or warehouses in EPA protective zones – the hybrid powder coating based on epoxy/polyester can be used in a wide range of applications.

Coil coating upon request

Are you interested in coil coatings?
Then simply get in touch via e-mail or telephone. We are happy to advise!

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