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Yield calculator The less is more principle: compare yourself!

  • The less is more principle: compare yourself!

To minimize resource costs, the prices of raw materials are often considered. However, it would be much more im-pactful to reduce the amount of raw materials use, and this would also be feasible, as the yield of powder coatings is very divergent.
One particularly high yield range is our Brillux Eco-Powder Coatings, which allow material savings of more than 50%. Through special pigmentations and an especially fine powder, depending on the respective color shade, cover-ing surfaces can often already be achieved with these products with a layer thickness of 30 µm. This results in enormous cost benefits despite a higher kilogram price.

Determine the savings potential for your coating process here, by setting the sliders to the values specific to your project. We are happy to determine for you the minimum layer thicknesses required for your color shades. Get in touch with us directly!

Yield calculator

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Thin coating powders are particularly well-suited for flat workpieces with simple geometry. Certain minimum layer thicknesses should however not be undercut for reliable manufacturing processes and faultless results. For smooth finishes, depending no the color shade, that means a minimum of approx. 30 µm, while textured powder coatings should be processed with at least 55 µm.

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Quick delivery service

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