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  • Construction machinery

Robust and durable Coatings for construction machinery

  • Large crane truck
  • Aerial work platforms must be hard-wearing and, depending on the area of application, also be painted in a striking color
  • Excavator
  • Roller for building roads
  • Construction vehicles

When construction machinery is in use, then always under harsh conditions. It is exposed to corrosion, UV rays and freak weather and needs to be absolutely reliable despite extreme conditions. Just like their coatings.

Our coating systems are especially durable and suited to adverse conditions. For construction machinery of various kinds, the special powder and wet coatings are the correct solution.

The coatings were developed to meet the needs of corrosion protection, stubborn dirt and mechanical resistance to rock fall, etc. In addition, the products ensure oil resistance and in a multi-level coating build-up provide reliably high quality that delivers what it promises.

The wide range of applications include:

  • construction machinery such as diggers, earthmovers, road construction equipment, special machinery
  • ground compacters 
  • lifting devices 
  • mixers and pumps 
  • road finishers, road sweepers, milling machines, crushers, recycling machines
  • transportation devices such as tipping trucks or low-bed trucks
  • compressors 
  • cranes 
  • (Aerial) work platforms  

The coating systems are designed for extreme external impacts and meet the highest visual demands. Developed for various requirements, they are an efficient and economical solution:

Products in focus – powder coatings

Super-NT Polyester Powder 5920 (smooth, gloss)

Especially economical low-cure temperature powder coating with curing temperatures from…



Universal Polyester Powder 5940 (glossy)

universal-use, facade quality glossy respectively silk-gloss coating powder with GSB and…



Universal Polyester Powder 5947 (smooth, silk matt)

Universally usable powder coating with very good weathering resistance, silk matt



Universal Polyester Powder 5948 (coarse texture, gloss)

Universally usable powder coating with coarse texture without circulation stability, gloss



Universal Polyester Powder 5949 (coarse texture, silk gloss)

Universally usable powder coating with coarse texture without circulation stability, silk…



Industry Polyester Powder 5900 (smooth, gloss)

Powder coating for interior and exterior use in industrial applications, gloss.