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Universal Polyester Powder 5948 (coarse texture, gloss)


Universally usable powder coating with coarse texture without circulation stability


  • very good weathering resistance
  • very good gloss and color stability
  • good corrosion protection
  • high surface hardness
  • very good mechanical parameters
  • covers uneven areas and substrate defects
  • after appropriate pretreatment, suitable for all common metallic substrates
  • due to the specific characteristics of the material, recovery is not stable and the process is only possible by means of a separate loss booth and subsequent thorough cleaning.
  • once fully cured (cross-linked), the paint film is physiologically safe.


coarse structure

Degree of gloss



All RAL Classic color shades are available at short notice via the quick-delivery service. Additional color shades and special metallics available upon request.

Container size

20 kg