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  • Mechanical engineering

Coatings for industrial applications Perfect finish and effective protection

  • Warehouse with crane components
  • Machine hall
  • Large printing machine
  • Production plant
  • Commercial robot with baked goods

In one of the most important industrial branches in Germany – mechanical engineering and plant construction – high degrees of flexibility and optimal quality are essential. These high-tech products demand excellent coatings that support smooth and time-optimized manufacturing processes with manufacturers.

Industrial coatings in mechanical engineering and plant construction need to withstand the harshest conditions. Durability, ruggedness and robustness are some of the most important factors.

On the other hand, it is often things like approval for contact with foodstuffs (certificates, ISEGA) or resistance to chemicals, oils and lubrications that are indispensable. 

  • Pipe coupling
  • Wet coating of machine components
  • Wet coating of a housing
  • Warehouse
  • Conveyor belt in a production facility

The Brillux Industrial Coatings range of products offers the right solution for you – also on demanding substrates such as cast iron or non-ferrous metals.

With our products, computer plants or modern production plants, conveyor technology, energy supply and telecommunications centers are protected optimally and continually and also designed in a pleasing way. 

The range of wet coatings and powder coatings offers a large variety of color shades and allows surfaces to be coated in diverse gloss grades and textures, e.g. for these uses:

  • printing machines
  • hall cranes
  • welding devices
  • machines for the food and feed sector
  • paper processing
  • textile processing
  • recycling plants
  • machine components such as motors, gears or pumps
  • conveyor technology and production plants
  • switching panels, control panels and switchboards
  • priming of Deutsche Bahn assemblies

Bühler AG, Transitioning to Hydro Paints

Improved worker safety and environmental performance with high performance water-based coatings.