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Premium Polyester Powder 5934 (fine texture, dull matt to matt)


Highly weather-resistant powder coating with a fine texture and Qualicoat approval, class 2 for exterior use in extreme climatic conditions


  • excellent weathering resistance
  • excellent gloss and color stability
  • good corrosion protection
  • good chemical resistance
  • high surface hardness
  • covers uneven areas and substrate defects
  • after appropriate pretreatment, suitable for all common metallic substrates
  • after full curing / cross-linking, the paint film is physiologically safe.


finde textur

Degree of gloss

dull matt to matt


Due to the limited availability of weather-resistant pigments, the product range includes a limited number of different color shades.
The color shade RAL 9005 HR is available at short notice via the quick-delivery service.

Container size

16 kg (RAL 9005 HR)
20 kg, 500 kg (25 polyethylene bags at 20 kg each)
additional container sizes available on request.