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2K-PUR Anti-Graffiti Paint 5749 (smooth, silk gloss)


Two-component polyurethane paint with anti-adhesion characteristics for subsequent graffiti removal.


  • excellent anti-graffiti properties*
  • excellent weathering resistance
  • excellent gloss and color stability
  • good adhesion to many substrates
  • high mechanical durability
  • good resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • continuous temperature resistance up to 100°C (in build-up according to coating recommendation)

* The full anti-graffiti properties develop approx. 7 days after curing. Tagging and soiling due to environmental influences can be removed by means of mild cleaning methods (high-pressure cleaning). For difficult to remove graffiti, we recommend the use of suitable graffiti removers (it is necessary to test suitability before use). It is only possible to a degree to remove tagging with permanent markers. The anti-graffiti effect (graffiti removability) depends – especially for outdoor uses – on the age (weathering status) and the care (cleaning) of the coating.

Mixing ratio 5 : 1 wt% with hardener 5770.-.0010 or 5770.-.0011(standard hardening), 5770.-.0020 (slow hardening), 5770.-.0030 (quick hardening)




Degree of gloss

silk gloss


All common color systems
Small quantities up to 100 kg are available in all RAL Classic Uni color shades at short notice via the quick-delivery service.

Container size

25 kg
Available in 2.5 kg, 10 kg containers via the quick-delivery service.
Additional container sizes available on request.