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2K-EP Thick Coat Paint 5767 (smooth, silk matt)


Two-component thick coat paint based on epoxy resin with decontaminability release in the color shades RAL 7030 HR and RAL 6034 HR.


  • very good resistance to chemicals
  • good decontaminability
  • outstanding corrosion protection
  • excellent adhesion even on difficult substrates
  • also suitable on concrete, plaster and many plastics (check first)
  • high degree of stability with good flow
  • very good solvent resistance
  • abrasion resistant with high mechanical resistance
  • can be applied as a single layer
  • systematic chalking possible in exterior environments
  • be painted over with synthetic resin and two-component coatings
  • after full curing / cross-linking, the paint film is physiologically safe

Mixing ratio 6 : 1 wt% with hardener 5797.-.0200




Degree of gloss

silk matt


All common color systems

Container size

30 kg