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  • Polyester powder coatings without declaration after hardener change

Polyester powder coatings without declaration after hardener change

Since January 1, 2022, the entire standard range of Brillux polyester powder coatings excludes PT910/912 hardeners and instead only alternative hardeners are used. Not only do the new recipes have the same, very good properties of the previous products with the PT910/912 hardeners, there are also numerous extra benefits for you!

  • polyester powder coatings

    polyester powder coatings

  • Improved chargeability
  • Greater first-pass transfer efficiency
  • Faster application
  • Very good coverage of welding joints
  • Greater curing tolerance and thus more process security through lower danger of overcure, e.g. in band standstill
  • Better flow, even smoother surfaces
  • Extremely good bondability
  • Enhanced weather resistance
  • Brilliant, glossy surfaces with up to 90 gloss units
  • Silk gloss surfaces are almost free of haze even in dark color shade ranges
  • Very good color shade stability in overcuring and in directly fired gas ovens, especially for light color shades
  • Greater resistance to chemicals, especially acids, alcohols and hydraulic oil

Polyester powder

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