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Hydro-2C-PUR Paint 5863 (smooth, matt)


Highly weather-resistant, two-component polyurethane coatings based on water


  • excellent weathering resistance
  • excellent gloss and color stability
  • good adhesion to many substrates
  • continuous temperature resistance up to 100°C*
  • high mechanical durability
  • good resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • quick drying
  • high degree of stability
  • easy application (air-mix and airless)
  • water-based and thus environmentally friendly

* in build-up according to coating recommendation

Mixing ratio 4 : 1 wt% with hardener 5790.-.0200* (slow hardening)

Mixing ratio 5 : 1 wt% with hardener 5790.-.0201 (quick hardening)

Mixing ratio 5 : 1 wt% with hardener 5790.-.0400 (standard hardening)

* The PUR Hardener 5790.-.0200 (slow hardening) is predominantly suitable for forced drying with short flash-off time.




Degree of gloss



All common color systems

Container size

25 kg. Additional container sizes on request.