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Industry Polyester Powder 5900.-. 0016 (smooth, gloss, varnish)


Powder coating for interior and exterior use in industrial applications, bluish-translucent, gloss. Suitability of the color shade in two-layer build-up is to be tested in advance. When painting over bright colors, yellowing may occur in the case of high UV impact.


- minimal intrinsic color
- good weathering resistance
- good gloss stability
- low tendency to suffer tension cracks
- high surface hardness
- good mechanical parameters
- very good leveling characteristics
- after appropriate pretreatment, suitable for all common metallic substrates, and for some glass
- after full curing / cross-linking, the paint film is physiologically safe




Degree of gloss




Container size

16 kg, 400 kg (25 polyethylene bags at 20 kg each)
additional container sizes available on request.