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Superhybrid Powder EP/AC 5850 (smooth, gloss)


Super hybrid quality with optimized UV resistance compared to conventional hybrid powder coatings


  • review and approval as physiologically safe by the German Paint Testing Institute, Giessen
  • very good resistance to disinfecting cleaning products
  • optimized UV resistance to conventional hybrid powder qualities
  • good corrosion protection
  • excellent resistance to chemicals
  • very high surface hardness
  • very good mechanical parameters
  • very good leveling characteristics
  • after appropriate pretreatment, suitable for all common metallic substrates
  • after full curing / cross-linking, the paint film is physiologically safe.



Degree of gloss



All common color systems

Container size

20 kg, 500 kg (25 polyethylene bags at 20 kg each)
additional container sizes available on request.