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Powder Coating Systems

Modern powder coating systems

Modern powder coating systems – environmentally compatible, efficient and highly functional powder coating systems are among the most modern coating materials available. Since their initial development in the 1960s they have been widely used in many fields of application. Thanks to their efficiency, simple processing and high environmental compatibility, powder coating systems are the standard in many areas today.

Powder coating systems meet the most different quality requirements, offering qualities such as corrosion protection and high weather resistance, with finishes from dull matt to high-gloss, and surfaces from smooth to textured. Our full product range also covers a wide field of applications.

Whether unicolors or metallics, there are hardly any limits for surface effects. The required quality depends on optimum pretreatment, selecting the correct type of powder coating, the right application method, and using proper curing methods. Our powder coating systems offer the right coating solution for almost any substrate, any type of strain and application method.

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